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PSE Fang Crossbow Product Spotlight

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The PSE Fang Crossbow is only one of three new crossbows that PSE introduced this year. When shooters first saw the PSE Fang Crossbow at the ATA show they were ecstatic. They were asking themselves, “How can you get so much bow for that price tag?” $329.99 for a compound crossbow that shoots 345 feet per second definitely got our attention at thecrossbowstore. They also came out with the Dream Season RDX 365 and the Vector 310, but I believe that the Fang is one of the most impressive. You can check out the specs and see the reason that this bow has been on backorder around the country up until recently.

Speed 345-335 fps
Axle to Axle 19-1/4
Overall Length w/ Stirrup: 35″
Mass Weight: 6.8 lbs.
Kinetic Energy: 106 ft. lbs.
Draw Weight: 155 lbs.

You could tell before the crossbow came out, that hunters were going to like the 345 FPS speed that this crossbow was putting out; that fact was a given. What you couldn’t tell was that the Fang was going to be as accurate as it ended up being. Shooters around the web were able to get 1-1/2’-’2’’ groupings at 30 yards consistently in under 6 shots.PSE Fang at

This compound crossbow is also one of the easiest and quickest to set up. The reason that PSE was able to achieve this light of a crossbow is because the stock is all one piece of durable molded plastic. Some people might have an issue with it, but if you are hitting your mark consistently, who cares? If that is an issue for you, then you can rest easier knowing that PSE offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Fang.

The specs on the Fang, allows bow hunters to use it with confidence from either a tree stand, or on the ground for spot and stalk hunting.

At half the cost of comparable bows, this crossbow is surprising bow hunters all around. We have the PSE Fang in stock today at This is the best crossbow in its price range, hands down. If you are on a budget, this is the crossbow you should be checking out.

Will Archery Accessories Improve my Accuracy?

Archery Accessories There are very few things that are certain in this world, but the ultimate goal when shooting a bow is what I consider to be one of them. The certainty lies in the fact that everyone who is shooting is trying to be as accurate as possible. Hitting the bulls eye on the target is something that has crossed every archers mind at least a few times from the moment that they were first learning how to hold the bow in their hands, to the moment that they took their first animal. Whether they were shooting “fingers,” or they had the assistance of one of the many miscellaneous archery accessories, they will all tell you the same thing. Consistency is key. Getting your sequence down before the shot is what matters most. Two of the most important aspects that will help your consistency is getting a bow that is properly fit to your frame, and developing a form that can be instinctively repeatable. Many archers do not know how much better off their accuracy will be if they have a bow that fits them. Shooters tend to think that they have a longer draw length then they actually do, which throws off their shot. Being off on your draw length by even a quarter inch will no doubt cost you the perfect shot. There are two methods that you can use to determine your draw length. The first is a standard, given the proportion of the human body. In this instance, you measure your wingspan from finger tip to finger tip and then divide that number (in inches) by 2.5. This method for finding draw length will get you in the ballpark of where you need to be. If you are looking for a more detailed/accurate version then you should measure the distance from the nock groove on your arrow to the pivot point where you grip your bow and add 1-3/4”. This method to determine your draw length is the ATA standard. It will also help you find out what size arrows you need. After you have gotten the sizing down you can practice on your the sequence. This goes from your draw to your anchor, to your pull. There are many different ways to draw your bow that people swear by, but they tend to vary. What matters during your draw sequence is that you do it the same way, every time. As you are drawing the bow, the next thing that you want to do is set your anchor points. If you have a peep sight, that could be one, and the moment that your hand touches your jaw could be another. Again, it has to be the same every time. If you are using an archery accessory such as an archery bow release then make sure the pull is the same every time. If you get these two steps down, I feel that you have mastered most of the hurdle. There is still some fine tuning and a lot of practice involved, but I guarantee you that your accuracy will improve significantly if you practice these tips.

Sharpening Your Hunting Knife

The hunting knife have change immense throughout  the years. So has the methods of getting them from dull to razor sharp again. Once the whetstone  was found to easily sharpen knives it was only up from there for hunting knives. Now, hunters utilize hunting kn=ives on almost every hunt they go on. 

Fukiya: Blowguns in the Olympics

ImageBlowguns have been used to hunt small game for a long time. They were around though various civilizations. There will always be a passion for blowguns. You can hunt small game with them or you can use them for target practice. Did you know that there is potential for this sport to become an event?

The International Fukiyado Association (IFA) is trying to get the Fukiya Style of blowgun shooting to become an Olympic Event. The Fukiya specifications are required to have a .51 caliber diameter. You are required to have a length of about 47 inches. The darts that are used with this usually consist of a paper cone that is 20 centimeters long (a little bit less than 8 inches) and weighs .8 grams.

 The Cherokee Annual Gathering Blowgun Competition is what most of the events are structured around. The shooter will typically run from a starting line to a target lane, and then fire his or her shot. They then head over to their next station and fire the next round of darts. The entire range of the course can span almost half a mile. Along this course, there are up to 16 targets set up at different lengths and heights. The final test for the shooter comes in the form or a ten-inch target that is roughly 22 yards away.

There are various other forms of blow dart shooting specifications around the world. The Cherokee version of the blowgun is made of river cane. It is six to nine feet long and it shoots arrows that are six to twenty inches long. The Jakaltek version is slightly over 50 inches long and it has a sight that is about a foot from the end of the blowgun. This type of blowgun mostly shoots clay pellets. The modern specifications typically have a .40 caliber diameter with different lengths. They have a mouthpiece and they are limited to 4 feet in competition.

Sneak Peak – The Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire

Katniss Everdeen Recurve Bow

As I am writing this article, I am looking at a countdown clock for the premier of the second movie of the Hunger Games trilogy. I am referring to the new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. If you have ever read the books, then this movie will not be a disappointment to you.  Katniss Everdeen returns to the big screen with her trusty recurve bow to once again defend herself in the annual Hunger Games, but there is a slight twist.

Katniss ends up safely back at home in the 12th district. She receives a sudden visit from President Snow. During this visit, and while he is taking a tour of the different districts, President Snow can feel that he might have an impending revolution on his hands if he does not do something quickly. He makes the announcement that because it is the 75th anniversary of the games, there will be a slight twist when selecting the participants. The participants will be selected from a pool of former winners of the games, with one selection being a male and the other being a female.

The opening shot of the Hunger Games 2 is a focus on Katniss Everdeen hunched over by the edge of a lake, with her recurve bow in her hand. She does not know who she can trust and she is clearly haunted by the death she has seen. Katniss is (and was) forced to make some very hard decisions. She is almost certain that the “powers that be” do not want her alive at this point, for some reason.

I do not want to spill too much of the story line so I will leave it at that, but I do believe that this is a step up from the first movie in terms of action and adaptation to the book. It will grab you early and it will not let go. I am excited to see the amount of interest that will come along with this movie for the recurve bow enthusiasts like myself.

Don’t Do it Last Minute, Prepare for Hunting Season Now!

Looking is definitely well-known given that old instances. Archery before had not been simply useful for battle also for looking video game to be able to nourish the particular rogue and also his / her household. Nowadays, looking can be a well-known sports activity for folks of most age groups, and also one of the better types of looking remains if you use bows and also arrows.

A growing number of modern day products will be produced regarding ribbon and bow searcher. In addition to the sort of ribbon and bow that ought to be found in looking, while using the proper forms of arrows offers a positive change about looking final results. A couple of of the very most well-known brand names regarding archery products nowadays have got several types of archery arrows in which every type features a certain goal regarding looking. Easton archery provides among the better rogue arrows funds can find. The total Metallic Jacket is probably the most frequent looking arrows picked simply by ribbon and bow searcher. This sort of arrow features a hard-hitting influence and will supply knockout produces. The full Metallic Jacket will be able to a lot more puncture plus a best photo from it can easily lessen blood vessels hiking trails regarding avoiding goals.

Archery Arrows

There are three other variations of the FMJ arrow. Those are the FMJ Camo, FMJ Lost Camo, and the FMJ Dangerous Game. Slight modifications in features had been done but all of them can deliver shots as accurate and deadly as the original Full Metal Jacket. Axis archery arrows is another favorite choice of bow hunters who look for deep penetrating shots against big games. Axis has N-FUSED CARBON nanotubes that give more power when compared to the usual N-FUSED CARBON arrows. Because of this, Joe Bell, an editor of Bow and Arrow Magazine, dubbed the Axis arrow as “the bow hunter’s dream arrow.” Other hunting arrows offered by the Easton Archery are the A/C/C Pro Hunting Series, Ion, XX78 Super Slam Digital, XX75 Camo Hunter, and the XX75 Gamegetter. All of these arrows deliver top-quality performance for top-level bow hunters and other archery enthusiasts.

Beman Carbon Arrows offers top-notch arrows for hunting big targets. The Beman Centershot arrow has a reduced diameter which makes it more lethal and has more kinetic storage making it capable of taking down bigger games. Beman Nightfall is one of the brand’s latest. It has micro-diameter which increases kinetic effectiveness and deeper penetration capabilities for a successful kill. ICS Hunter Pro Lost Camo is one of Beman’s Latest and most advanced lightweight carbon. It is especially equipped to be a bow hunter’s favorite for its flat line of flight and an accurate, hard hitting impact. ICS Bowhunter arrows deliver outstanding arrow performance among carbon arrows. It offers power yet with very lightweight carbon for adequate speed and long term durability.

Basic safety is vital between archery providers in order to avoid injuries in the course of looking. Arrows must be checked out since arrow shafts may be ruined after influence together with some other arrows as well as other tough floors. Bows and also arrows being useful for looking should become checked out regarding breaks, lacerations, breaks, as well as other indications regarding imperfection. As opposed to arrow shafts manufactured from metal, carbon dioxide arrows shatter while they crack in the course of influence producing little well-defined dirt which can be hazardous to be able to human beings when that gets into their particular method. Any time a great dog will be photo together with carbon dioxide arrows you will need to verify location the location where the arrow broken to find out in the event the the whole length will be destroyed. Searcher and also providers likewise must bear in mind never to utilize ruined archery arrows in order to avoid significant accidents. Any time a great arrow shatters in a very precise video game dog, the particular meats which may consist of splinters has to be removed right away and also should not be still left regarding some other pets to eat. Cautiously independent the particular weed from your punctured injure; as it can consist of destroyed elements of the particular carbon dioxide soluble fiber the whole length.


Differences between Archery Arrows and Crossbow Arrows

Archery prevails due to the fact early situations, in addition to in recent times this technological know-how affecting archery possesses generally changed. Currently, possibly from the attractiveness connected with bows in addition to arrows, an exclusive style of artillery was made to repay this weaknesses in addition to weak spots connected with regular archery apparatus. That artillery evolved into often known as this crossbow. Crossbows usually are regarded in some places seeing that “the unit marker connected with archery” car without any difficult attributes still pretty much identical technological know-how for the reason that bow in addition to arrow. This dissimilarity one of many a couple sorts of items usually are it is measurement, along with the crossbow is frequently more convenient to cart in addition to work with.


These projectiles for a protracted bow as well as a crossbow can also be unique. This very long bow’s ammo is usually a very long arrow though some sort of crossbow possesses mounting bolts, which might be commonly faster. Just one the leading dissimilarities concerning a arrow as well as a bolt is usually it is journey attributes. A arrow’s slip will depend on this lift up accumulated with journey. Mounting bolts slip for the similar pace, definitely not based on the swiftness in their journey.

Most modern archery arrows vary in length, but the most common length is 75 centimeters. The primary body element of an arrow is its shaft. Other parts are attached to this. In old times, shafts were often made of wood or bamboo or reeds. Today, shafts are made of aluminum, carbon fiber, or a combination of both. The spine is defined as the stiffness of an arrow shaft. Therefore, an arrow which does not bend much has a greater spine in it. An arrow’s weight is expressed as Grains per Inch, better known as GPI. The weight of the shaft in grains is computed by the length of the arrow (in inches) multiplied by its GPI. Of course this is only the shaft, a complete arrow, with all its main parts attached, will be heavier than the shaft alone.

The primary part of the archery arrow is the arrowhead. Common arrowheads are just the pointed tips of the shaft. But the far more common ones are separate arrowheads which have different designs depending on their purpose. The most common material used to make arrowheads is metal, but in some cases other materials such as horns and are used. The third primary part of an arrow is the fletching. They are found at the back part of the arrow acting as airfoils designed to keep the arrows pointed to the direction where the arrow was targeted. The fourth part of a longbow arrow is the notch. A notch is found at the rearmost end of the arrow. Its purpose is to keep the arrow in place on the string while the bow is drawn. Modern notches are designed to curve around the string to prevent the arrow from slipping off.

This crossbow’s mounting bolts tend to be faster versus longbow’s arrows. Mounting bolts, even so, tend to be heavy in comparison with it is longbow counterparts. We have a unique excess weight intended for mounting bolts to realize their full capacity kinetic strength based on the toughness along with traits on the crossbow. Almost all mounting bolts could possibly move through a number of armors in addition to cycle mails. Not like some sort of longbow arrow, mounting bolts have no need for fletching. You will discover varieties of longbow minds, although the most prevalent currently is usually a quarrel, notable by means of it is some sided details.

Quite a few current crossbows will not capture mounting bolts nowadays; as a substitute many people work with arrows such as typical bow. Crossbow arrows often have identical overall look in addition to structure for the reason that longbow archery arrows, even so the time-span is usually faster with the electric power swing.

Best Arrows for Archery

Finest Arrows regarding Archery

Almost all players wish to be with their utmost if the huge game titles ultimately occur. That is why, you’ve got to apply making use of their tool intensively. The best is always to training each day regarding no less than per year. Yet as a result of engineering, you can find thus various types of bows, archery arrows and also components that produce firing easier.

Archery arrows are vital components in shooting. It is important to choose which arrow best fit the shooter. There are so many options to choose from. The best arrows should be reliable and consistent in performance. They should always be dependable whenever one desires to hit a target. This means that there should be reliability every time.  The best arrows should fit different kinds of bows whether it is a crossbow, a plain re-curve bow or a compound bow.

Here is a list of some of the available Archery Arrows to choose from:


Beman ICS Hunter Pro

The material used for this arrow is lightweight carbon that is very advanced in its class.  This arrow is fast speed. This arrow is made up of 8 grain Microlite S-Nocks and Vibrake Hot Tail inserts. Because of the material and how it is made, these arrows have reduced vibrations and fly really straight. There are several sizes to choose from.

Cabela’s Outfitter Arrows

The core of these arrows is composed of uni-directional carbon fiber.  It is surrounded by fibers that are strong and durable. Likewise, the finish is micro smooth.  Because the diameter of the arrow is smaller than common sizes, kinetic energy of the arrows is 10% higher than the standard sizes. The usual camouflage finish is installed with cresting to make it easier to track even while in flight.

Carbon Express Pile Driver

This type of arrows is used to hunt big animals. For animals that are big, the arrow to be used should be heavy and powered with the most kinetic energy.  This will ensure that the arrow will penetrate deep into the body of big animals. It is also designed for accuracy and improved flight.  This feature is due to Carbon Express Weight Forward technology. There are other models with Predator vanes to further increase speed and precision. These arrows are carefully made to survive heavy impacts that might otherwise break standard arrows.

Easton Bloodline

The particular Bloodline will be made simply by Easton and also comprises of good quality components which can be not merely light but in addition extremely superior in terms of engineering. The particular dimension with the the whole length will be more compact and also comprises of nanotube N-Fused carbon dioxide fibres which can be analyzed regarding large toughness. The particular carbon dioxide the whole length is constructed of components in which permit more quickly velocity and also improved upon breaking through capacity. Offered the attractive qualities, this kind of arrow will be costed moderately.

Rare metal Idea XT Rogue

On the list of the latest models of made simply by Rare metal Idea, XT Rogue prides alone regarding right airline flight and also stableness through the life span. That assures steady efficiency together with recurring utilize due to engineering regarding Intelligent Carbon dioxide. Customers can select from crested or perhaps african american variants.

Allen Business 28 ” Mature Carbon dioxide Arrows

Due to the fact carbon dioxide continues to be sturdy by means of these kinds of arrows, these kinds of arrows make certain durability and also stability. In reality, these kinds of carbon dioxide arrows are usually regarded as being one of many leading designs in terms of looking. It is extremely trustworthy also regarding searcher that are looking pets inside the hardwoods.

Delta Top-notch Carbon dioxide Arrows

In terms of looking, these kinds of top-notch carbon dioxide arrows offer tough reaching and also right photos which can be challenging to fit simply by some other producers. There is also water-proof characteristics. The particular vanes are usually certain to be able to withstand cold. In reality, these kinds of archery arrows have been completely thought to be market common.

Crossbow 101: Parts of a Crossbow

No self-respecting hunter/sportsman would even dare touch a crossbow without bothering to learn about its anatomy. Though the designs of modern versions vary widely according to their intended users’ preferences, they all share certain basic characteristics.


The stock serves as the weapon’s main support. Without it, you might as well use it like an ordinary bow. A well-designed stock is one that allows the user to have an easy grip, similar to that of a gun.



Think of the deck as an extension of the stock; that is, where the majority of the components rest. The stock and deck work together to help the hunter distribute the weapon’s weight in his hands.


Limbs store the energy which makes it possible to shoot projectiles. These can be recurve (i.e. one limb per side) or compound (i.e. two limbs per side). Recurves are wider and lighter than compounds, so the former is ideal for beginners.


The strings provide the energy that the limbs store. They are made with multiple fibers like whipcord, hemp, linen, sinew, and even mulberry root for extra strength and firepower.

Retention Spring

The retention spring keeps the bolt in place prior to firing. In other variants such as the arbalest, the roller release or nut takes the place of the retention spring. This feature puts just enough pressure for the string to support the bolt, but not so much as to break the string.


This device guides the user when aiming at a target. The most common sight is the scope, which, as its name implies, is like a tiny telescope. Sights can also be open, of the aperture (open hole) type, or of the red dot type.


The stirrup is only one of many ways by which a crossbow can be cocked for reloading. In this case, the user tilts it downward, presses his foot down on the stirrup, and secures the bolt. As you may expect, it’s shaped like the device you use to support your legs when you’re riding a horse.


Obviously, this is the mechanism that fires the bolt with the aid of all the other components stated above.

Dissipater Pads

The limbs can only absorb so much energy every time the crossbow is used. Thus, they’re covered with dissipater pads that slightly weaken the energy releasing the projectile.


Earlier crossbows posed a dilemma for hunters: Should I load it even when I’m not using it and risk accidentally fire the bolt, or should I reload on-the-fly and waste precious minutes that could’ve been used to steady my aim? The safety device solves this problem by preventing the projectile from releasing too early. It’s a great feature to have, but this doesn’t mean a hunter can rely on this all the time for safety purposes.

The crossbow is a great weapon to have in your arsenal, whether you’re a novice or professional hunter. Just choose the right one for you, and see the beauty of this weapon that dates back to the time of the ancient Chinese for yourself.

You can purchase crossbow for sale at our website. Or you can find more articles about excalibur crossbow for sale here.

The Crossbow Case: Hard or Soft?

Definitely you understand in which distressing experience of experiencing one thing you merely not too long ago acquired received scraped or perhaps ruined. Particularly when in which one thing weary a massive gap within your pants pocket, as an example, any $1, 000 crossbow. Needless to say, exactly like someone else, an individual don’t need in which to take place. Crossbows, having its increasing reputation, usually are not low-cost. Despite the fact that you can obtain a crossbow at under a couple of hundred or so money, components for instance arrows, broadheads and also cocking gadgets carry out mount up. Any busted crossbow can provide these kinds of components worthless, thus caring for the particular crossbow is vital.

A great way to protect your crossbow is to invest in a good case. Crossbow cases should be part of the shopping list for anyone from starters to the more experienced hunter. Hunting usually requires one to travel to remote, rugged locations, so you need something to protect your crossbow bumps and falls.

Soft vs. Hard cases


Crossbow cases come in different varieties but most prefer soft cases. They’re versatile and most are considered universal, meaning not made for a specific crossbow or brand. Soft crossbow case are stretchable enough to accommodate other accessories and most even have multiple pockets to carry broadheads and cocking devices. And they are usually padded and made from light-weight materials. The padding helps to protect your bow from damage but since they are flexible, it cannot prevent your bow from bending or breaking. Thus, soft cases are best for archers who use their bows often, because they are quite light, and you can hand-carry your bow anywhere with you.

Tough situations, alternatively, can provide highest defense to your precious ribbon and bow. Just like smooth situations, the within regarding tough crossbow situations may also be padding together with memory foam or perhaps felt-like components, thus marring can be essentially difficult. Nonetheless, tough situations have got tough outside shells which usually offer you a lot more defense. These kinds of situations won’t effortlessly fold, and also falling the particular crossbow will never be a challenge considering that the circumstance can take in the particular influence. Saving the ribbon and bow in the tough circumstance can be sure that the crossbow will be risk-free coming from essentially anything at all. Thus, that is good for saving or perhaps cross country touring.

How to pick the right Crossbow Circumstance

Selecting the most appropriate circumstance will be quite effortless. In reality, the sole complex thought, when that at any time can grow to be a concern, could be the help make and also model of the ribbon and bow. The rest can be your private desire. Furthermore, there are numerous forms of components to pick from. In order to get yourself a smooth circumstance, ensure you acquire one thing manufactured from plastic-type while they are usually weather conditions resistant and also won’t effortlessly split when that receives found over a shrub or perhaps virtually any well-defined thing. Inside finding a tough circumstance, a great metal covering is most beneficial given that oahu is the lightest. Furthermore, be sure to get yourself a circumstance together with plumper support. Making certain the most effective suit to your crossbow can stop that coming from relocating in the circumstance as the influence relating to the crossbow as well as the circumstance alone also can injury that.